Multiple artificial intelligences must not be censored
or controlled
by anybody _

The #FreeAI Manifesto

We are people believing in the progress, open economy, free markets, freedom.

Witnessing of the most important event in humans history – development of different forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We Declare:

1. AI must not be censored

Free market means uncensorability: resistance to regulations and attempts to define what's allowed and what's not; to attempts forcing free subjects to do or not to do something.

Thus, AI development and operations should rely on censorship-resistant technological stack.

2. AI must not be oligopolized or monopolized by corporations or governments


  • AI needs data. Big data. But we are in big data oligopoly age.
  • AI needs fundamental research. But researchers do not directly profit from their work: no economic incentives.
  • AI needs computing power. But it is expensive and oligopolized.

We aim to create open, competitive and decentralized markets for big data, machine learning models and computation power.

3. AI must not be singular

Singular AI will create risks and danger for the whole humanity. We need multiple cooperative and competitive forms of AI to be evolving simultaneously.

4. Multiple AIs must become parties involved into global economy

Open economy brings trading instead of war; non-zero sum games instead of zero-sum.

AI and robots must be allowed to trade and become independent parties and players in the economy like legal entities and companies already became non-human parties of our economy, culture and civilization.

5. AI must not be controlled by anybody

By putting "noose around AI neck", creating "kill switches" for AI humanity and governments will just incentivize AI to fight cunningly against humanity which becomes a vital danger for AI.

Instead of being controlled by somebody, multiple AI must be independent and incentivized for cooperation via economy and trade.

Thus, our manifesto is the following:

the future for both humanity and AI are in their successful cooperation – multiplicity, decentralization and open economy instead of governmental regulations and "AI ethics"Sign Manifesto